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  • Exercise Typeposture & meditation
  • Class Duration60 minutes
  • Fitness levelfor everyone

QigongQigong, a long life practice.

Qigong is an ancient discipline that puts the principles of Chinese medicine into practice through simple exercises and sequences of movements. The word Qigong is the union of two ideograms, Qi which indicates vital energy and Gong which translated means work. We can think of this practice as a work on energy. Qigong has the intent to re-establish the free flow of vital energy through constant practice, improving our state of health and our psychophysical balance.

According to the principles of Chinese medicine, vital energy flows within channels that cross the whole body, called meridians. The methods we practice together improve the flow of Qi, the vital energy within these paths that we can learn to know and harmonize to feel better.

A gentle, profound and effective practice, particularly suitable for improving our posture, alleviating conditions of discomfort due to the accumulation of tension (back pain, headache, neck pain...). Qigong is a moving meditation that leads us to experience states of deep well-being that we cultivate during practice and that accompany us over time in everyday life. During the lessons we will share the teachings of the Taoist monk Jeffrey Yuen and of the Zhineng Qigong. We will learn static practices and dynamic practices, movement sequences, breathing and relaxation exercises. Qigong is appropriate for everyone!

Qigong courses in attendance

  • Upon request

Qigong online, zoom platform - Individual lessons

  • 3 lessons package € 120
  • 10 lessons package € 350
  • 15 lessons package € 450

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