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  • Exercise Typeoutside
  • Class Duration90 minutes
  • Fitness levelfor everyone

Nordic Walking is a discipline that appears in the 1930s in Finland practiced as a summer-autumn training by the Scandinavian athletes of cross-country skiing and nordic combined. In 1997 Marko Kantaneva transformed and codified it making it a full-fledged fitness discipline and confirming its success. The modern concept of Nordic Walking reached Italy at the end of 2003 when the activity began to develop in Trentino Alto Adige, and then continued to expand in all the other Italian regions.

It consists of a walk with the sticks used to push and not as a support therefore also involving the upper limb. The fundamental principle of this discipline is to involve as many muscles as possible and, for this reason, increase energy expenditure with a lower impact on the joints than during a run. It is a healthy and natural sport activity that can be carried out at open air, all year round and at every age. It can be practiced alone or in company.

Nordic walking can be practiced wherever the terrain is stable and not uneven, and where the slope does not exceed 8%: on mountain trails, in the city, on the beach, in parks, in gyms. In Nordic walking you don't necessarily have to find climbs to have to work harder. The energy consumption is decided by us when we dose the load and the pushing force of the arms or increase the gait of the walk.

Nordic Walking

Nordic WalkingBenefits:

  • Allows 20-30% higher energy consumption compared to walking without poles
  • It protects the body from osteoporosis and arthrosis: in fact, a moderate and constant effort stimulates the ability of the bones to assimilate calcium and produces substances such as elastin and collagen that form cartilages
  • Pressure values, triglyceride and cholesterol levels are restored and fats are consumed
  • Maintains four of the five main forms of motor solicitation: endurance, strength, mobility, coordination
  • Relieves contractions in the shoulder and neck area (cervical area)
  • Delays the aging process
  • It stimulates the elimination of hormones originated from stress
  • Increases your heart rate by 10-15 beats per minute compared to traditional walking at the same pace
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • It improves posture and promotes spinal mobilization
  • Lightens the load on the joints and on the motor apparatus in general

The basic course to learn the technique requires a minimum of 3 meetings of one hour and thirty each, in which the following topics will be faced:

  • relaxation and recovery of natural walking
  • parallel technique coordination development, 4, 3, 2, alternating technique
  • postural elements
  • breathing

  • Basic course one person € 90
  • Basic course plus people € 75 each
  • By reservation, place and day to be agreed

Teacher: Roberta Pedretti (Federal Coni Instructor, Italian Nordic Walking School)

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking

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