Gyrokinesis - Joy moves Milano
  • Exercise Typeelasticity & posture
  • Class Duration55 minutes
  • Fitness levelfor everyone

Gyrokinesis is a movement method, developed in the 80s by Juliu Horvath, which involves the whole body, opens the energy paths, stimulates the nervous system, increases agility and creates strength through functional and flowing rhythmic sequences. It is original and unique and coordinates movement, breath and mental attention.

It uses a very wide range of exercises, carried out sitting on a stool, on the floor or standing, which aim to develop a correct posture, fluidity and elasticity both muscular and skeletal through three-dimensional movements (forward/back/side/twist) during which the whole body is always involved and active by using contrasting forces that expand the range and increase strength and balance. You will experience greater joint mobility, spine flexibility, muscle power and elasticity.

The lesson begins with breathing exercises and small movements to awaken the body. We then move on to the mobilization of the column through a series of exercises that include arc/curve/twist/spirals. These same movements will also lead to the pelvis, knees, quadriceps, ankles.

The nervous system is stimulated through the use of coordinated breathing with every single movement. Gyrokinesis re-educates the body to fluidity and to release harmony and power at the same time. The lessons can be individual or in small groups.


  • Skeletal joint mobility
  • Muscle reinforcement
  • Correct posture
  • Coordination, agility and equilibrium
  • Stimulation of the nervous system
  • Fluidity and harmony of movement

For who?

Appropriate for everyone, sometimes reminiscent of yoga, swimming, tai chi and dance but it does not derive from those exercise modes.

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