Pilates Method

Method Pilates - Joy moves Milano
  • Exercise Typetoning & stretching
  • Class Duration50 minutes
  • Fitness levelfor everyone

The Pilates method is a training system that aims to strengthen the body, shape it, correct posture and improve the fluidity and precision of movements.

Joseph Pilates is the inventor of the Pilates method, who contrived this system around the 1920s using it to rehabilitate war veterans and train dancers and athletes. The method is based on a series of free body exercises, on a mat (pilates mat work) using a series of small tools such as ball, ring, roller and elastic bands. The main purpose of Pilates is awareness of oneself, one's body and mind. Breathing, coordination, stretching and toning techniques are combined, drawn from both the Eastern (yoga) and Western traditions.

This method requires the performing of individual exercises as precisely as possible. The speed of the execution does not matter, nore the number of repetitions, but the control of movement and breathing. As you practice, you can feel how the mind works with the body and how it moves.

The mind collaborates with the body in search of control, precision and fluidity of movements. Those who practice Pilates are never spectators of themselves, but participate actively in what they are doing. The main purpose of this method is to feel good in your body to accomplish coordinated, balanced and flexible movements.

Method Pilates - Joy moves Milano

Method Pilates - Joy moves MilanoThe method is based on these key points:

  • Breathing: which coordinates the activity of the body with the one of the mind
  • Concentration: the muscles respond to the mind and body, if you enter a state of concentration
  • The center: the center of the body is a center of strength and its conscious control allows the execution of movements in complete safety
  • Control: being able to control movement means taking care of coordination: you should not make reckless and neglected movements
  • Precision: during exercise, you need to focus on the detail of each movement
  • The fluidity: the beginning and the end of each movement should not be perceived, but it has to be performed continuously. In its most excellent form Pilates is "poetry in movement"

The Benefits of Pilate:

  • It improves muscle strength and tone, without increasing muscle mass
  • It improves posture
  • It favors a flat stomach
  • It improves the fluidity of movements
  • It prevents back pain, since the muscles in the central part of the body are strengthened
  • Mind-body balance decreases stress

Method Pilates - Joy moves Milano

Pilates is suitable for all ages, there are no contraindications!

Il Pilates helps correct incorrect posture of young and old. It is indicated to prevent and correct any problems of the spine, scoliosis and back pain.

Il Pilates is an excellent base for specific sport activities. It is suitable to be integrated into physical/athletic training and suitable for those who practice an asymmetric sport such as volleyball or tennis.

Il Pilates is effective in postural and functional rehabilitation and in post-operative rehabilitation (hernias, ligaments).

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