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  • Exercise Typebody & mind
  • Class Duration60 minutes
  • Fitness levelfor everyone

Anusara yoga is a method of hatha yoga that is reaching a huge popularity all over the world. It was founded in the 90s by John Friend, an American yogi student of Iyengar Yoga, who decided to deepen and found his own style, unique and with very particular characteristics.

Literally in Sanskrit Anusara yoga means "flowing with grace", this refers to his attention for listening to the heart and for everything that surrounds the student, in fact, every element can be a source of inspiration. These ideas derive from the tantric philosophy on which John Friend based his method. What is sought is equilibrium, both physical and mental, which can be achieved by applying the 3 A's of Anusara yoga and its alignment principles.

The 3 A's, Attitude, Alignment, Action, are applied to keep one's intentions firm and to have awareness in one's own practice. The 5 Universal Principles of Alignment help to align the body in the practice of asanas but above all to align the external body with the mind and spirit. The first principle, "grounding the foundation and opening up to grace", is the basis of everything and contains what Anusara yoga is: one takes root both in the body and in one's intentions before and during practice, and then opens the heart, both physical and spiritual, and receive all that the practice of asanas can give to everyone.

Thanks to the application of the Universal Alignment Principles, great attention is paid to biomechanics and each posture is performed by aligning the joints and parts of the body involved in the best possible way for everyone, the level of preparation of each student is honored and the lessons are therefore considered effective also at a therapeutic level.

Practice and lessons are characterized by dynamism, "flowing through grace": each asana is linked to the next with continuity, thanks to the breath, in a single flow. The lessons can be demanding on a physical level but the teacher is always very attentive to each student, to the difficulties and problems of everybody. Each practice begins and ends with a song, a short meditation and Savasana, the final position that helps to collect all the benefits of the practice in body and mind.

From all this derives a great well-being, both physically and spiritually. Each student will come out of the class lighter, reinforced, and at the same time relaxed, in body and mind. Thanks to the breathing and the positions, the body rebalances, the deep muscles are strengthened and lengthened and pains such as back pain, neck aches, joint pains improve; the flexibility and mobility of the column increase. The mind and spirit settle down, the stress disappears, or at least decreases and a feeling of calm and relaxation is perceived.

Anusara Yoga

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